Creative Insights

I could write pages of examples of why Marcus is a superior architect; the common thread in every example would be trust. We trusted Marcus to understand our goals in adding on to a 130-year-old small house, transforming a neglected 1000-square foot space into our vision of a hip urban cottage that comfortably accommodates a family of four. Marcus delivered on all fronts. Marcus listened. He took time to understand our tastes and priorities while respecting our budget before starting on the design. The finished product reflected all we prioritized and also included creative insights we hadn’t considered. Exactly what one wants in an architect— a professional who offers features we had not thought of while understanding what really works for us based on who we are. We have lived in our finished home for about a year now, and the more time we are here, the more we really appreciate how well the house functions for us, and how elegant the space feels. Marcus was our sounding board, our frustration manager, our advocate, our expert. We are so happy in our home because of his respect for us and our trust in him. Thanks Marcus.

Laura Berenger, homeowner